Cotton sector: 9,000 tons handled in two days

This first record achieved last 8 October will surely remain in the history of PAK after the very first operation marking the beginning of commercial operations which was equally a cargo of cotton fiber.

This operation, a first in Cameroonian ports, required a huge logistic arrangement in terms of human and material resources and perfect synchronisation between the Customs, the terminal operator, the local port authority and the maritime line.

164 trucks, 348 containers were mobilised to carry out this operation. The cargo loaded on board the container ship ANL WYONG is bound Asia, namely Bangladesh, India and Indonesia which are the major outlet markets for this commodity. At the end of September, the Cameroon Cotton Development Company (SODECOTON) recorded 22,450 tons of cotton as against 1,694 tons for Coton Tchad. The performance and the forecasts set by SODECOTON and OLAM glaringly show that the future bodes well for the  cotton sector in the Port of Kribi and the best is yet to come.

10 years ago exactly, in his speech for the foundation stone-laying ceremony for the Kribi Deep-sea Port, the Head of State said he wanted the port to be the preferred channel to outbound transport of raw material from national production and from landlocked hinterland countries.

Based on this guideline, the Port Authority has thus made these growth sectors the mainstay of its development strategy and has decided in this regard to make the Port of Kribi an attractive logistic outlet so as to boost these growth sectors. As concerns the cotton sector especially, traffic volumes are soaring to reach a current volume that is satisfactory and bodes well for the development of this sector in the Port of Kribi.

This year, the Port of Kribi has recorded a significant recovery of this traffic volume.

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