"Provide infrastructures required for its operation and growth"

The existence and operation of an industrial zone in the port of Kribi hinge upon various factors which have to be met. Otherwise, the zone cannot become fully operational. Having quality and enough electricity is one of such key factors. With no electricity, the zone cannot exist and if there is not enough electricity, the development of the zone will be more or less hampered.

The industrial zone as it stands now is in an embryonic stage as compared to PAK’s potential. As regards its current size, electricity needs are covered mainly by the 30kV twin-circuit line originating at KPDC and terminating at Mboro. The maximum power that could transit through this line is yet to be met. However, it is obvious that, looking at the projects currently underway, this maximum capacity will soon be exceeded.

We thus have an array of initiatives at PAK and proposals from various partners to mitigate this risk and ensure that there is enough electricity to always meet demand. The audience that the General Manager granted EDF managers falls in this line. PAK's sole shareholder is the State of Cameroon. In this regard, it is the State’s responsibility to provide PAK with the infrastructures required for its operation and growth.

There are actions in the pipeline that were initiated by PAK towards the sole shareholder to have it play its role fully. In simple terms, PAK is trying as much as possible to call on the Government, whose reaction is slow due to the size of the challenges to be tackled. Thus, any means to have a reaction is welcome.