Port Security : The Government Keeps a Close Eye

A mission team comprising of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Technological Development (MINMIDT) and the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has just visited the Port Authority of Kribi from 29 to 30 September 2021 in order to assess the company’s security system.

This visit takes place within the framework of the validation of the study report on hazards and emergency plan of the activities and facilities of PAK. During their stay, the inspectors of MINMIDT and MINDEF scrutinised all the equipment, devices, and procedures of the Port in order to confirm the equipment compliance with national and international security requirements.

Led by Bertrand NDI, PAK Harbour Master, Benjamin APILA, Representative of MINMIDT, and the other members of the mission surveyed the quays, storage areas, buildings, and all access gates. They equally went to the Port power station in Mboro and to the facilities of the Kienke Port. A prerequisite to the validation of the study report on hazards and emergency plan necessary to be issued a certificate of security conformity by public authorities, the Head of Mission said During the audience granted by Patrice MELOM, General Manager of PAK, the latter reaffirmed his permanent commitment, that is, “make Kribi the best port in terms of maritime security”. He seized the opportunity to underscore all the efforts made in securing operations, the staff and property while working on the Port extension.

Before leaving PAK, the Head of Mission said he was impressed by the investments made by PAK that he described as high-level investments. In his opinion, “this general inspection provided the opportunity to realise the huge work the Top Management undertook concerning security on all the strategic points inspected”.

This assessment mission takes place after the one carried out by American experts (coast guards) last 14 July and which aimed to assess PAK’s compliance with the requirements of the ISPS certification. The conformity certification expected by PAK after the validation of the above-mentioned report will enable a good mastery of activities in terms of security and therefore help to boost the attractiveness of the Port of Kribi.


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