Port of Kribi : Growing in Strength

After the 200%-increase in figures as compared to those of the same period last year, the Orientation Advisory Committee of the Port Authority of Kribi commends the performance recorded so far.

8th  Session of the CCO, September 8, 2021 in  Kribi 

Holding its 8th meeting last 8 September in Kribi, the advisory body examined the operational results of the 2021 first quarter and delved on the smooth running of the Port in 2020. The assessment of the 2020 year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic is very satisfactory. The CCO/PAK noted that the Port of Kribi showed remarkable resilience by coming up with an activity continuity plan aiming at keeping operations running in the port community. According to the Deputy General Manager, BAKO HAROUNA, representing the General Manager unavoidably absent, this initiative led by the Top Management of the Port Authority of Kribi has enabled to “curb freight traffic at the height of the crisis”. In addition, it was underscored that maritime lines bound for Kribi have multiplied and the Port of Kribi as a whole operates in a peaceful social climate. With this positive note, BAKO HAROUNA expressed the wish to see the results of the proceedings contribute to strengthening the attractiveness and the competitiveness of the Port of Kribi.

This wish impressed Alain Blaise BATONGUE, President of the CCO/PAK who called on the operators of the Port of Kribi to stay prudent vigilant regarding the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic. To keep the rising trend of activities and continue to have results showing the operational excellence of the Port of Kribi, he advised everyone to “stay vigilant and committed in fighting the virus”.

At the end of proceedings, participants adopted several resolutions. They focus namely on boosting the port performance, improving the quality of service by taking into consideration the specific needs of customers, users and operators. A recommendation was equally made to complete de digitisation process of all procedures in the Port of Kribi.

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