"Paperless procedures became the objective"

Sir, why does PAK show such great interest in IT and digital issues ?

It is obvious that when starting its operations, the Port Authority of Kribi banked on IT systems to support its start of activities and boost its growth. Consequently, paperless procedures became the objective. As matter of fact, due to the layout of our facilities, that is, a port located 35 km to the city, departments located on various sites in Kribi and even in Yaoundé, digitisation, in addition to its other know benefits, enabled us to tackle the challenges of tediousness for our staff and users. Various types of IT and telecommunication solutions have been designed accordingly. Today, our staff, which is significantly young, has a better vision of the stakes and challenges of this strategic position of the Port of Kribi and is therefore better equipped to bring the sectoral aspects of this strategic position in all the business activities of the Port.

What is the added value of this new project?

The study to draw up the IT, Digital and Telecommunications Master Plan will have to align the development of the information system of the Port Authority of Kribi with its strategic positioning. To this end, ST2i, member of the STUDI group, well reputed for its quality work, will have as general mission to assist PAK in drawing up the above-mentioned Master Plan for 4 years, that is from 2022 to 2024. We have defined a very ambitious scope of action and the firm has six months to produce the expected result. I have no doubt that ST2i will be able to carry out this programme in the best possible way.

What about the participation of PAK staff?

In fact, at the launch of this study, we invited all of our close collaborators: Technical Advisors, Managers and all the Heads of Structures to get involved and to cooperate fully with the partner. First, personally, and then to involve their collaborators in the proper implementation of the activities for which they will be called upon. For the IT, Digital and Telecommunications Master Plan should constitute, for the next 4 years, the dashboard of the information system projects that should support the implementation of all our business activities.