" A new equipment that strengthens the competitiveness of the Port of Kribi "

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  • " A new equipment that strengthens the competitiveness of the Port of Kribi "

The Port of Kribi just acquired a new crane for handling activities, an acquisition that was not really expected looking at the adverse effect of the Covid-19.

True. It is a huge investment that has just been made despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and it must be commended. It is not only the third crane, but there are equally additional equipment. That said, it should be understood that this new investment of Kribi Conteneurs Terminal (KCT), the operator of the Container Terminal of the Port of Kribi, is part of the investment plan of the concession holder, an investment scheme found in the business development plan of the Container Terminal namely : increasing the operation capacity of the terminal, especially as concerns the quality of services to vessels during Phase I, and anticipating additional investment during Phase II.

What will be the eventual impact of the commissioning of this new crane?

The impact will be significant first due to the fact that the number of vessels coming to the Port of Kribi is increasing. It should be recalled that in 2020, the numbers of port of calls increased by 39%. In addition, as traffic consists mainly of container ships which ensure a regular flow, to this flow, came another flow generated by the containerised cabotage line between the ports of Douala and Kribi.

As import traffic has tripled since 2019 on the Container Terminal, it is obvious that this new crane will significantly reduce vessels’ waiting time in the Port, 24 hours currently, and container ships processing time especially which is also 24 hours.

The other immediate advantage will be the improvement of the quality of services to goods, especially as regards good collection and delivery which currently stand at 30 minutes for imports and 20 minutes for exports.

All this thanks to the commissioning of the new crane will significantly help to strengthen the competitiveness and the attractiveness of the Port.