A pilot boat in Mboro

With the new equipment, port operations will gain in speed and efficiency.

A pilot boat in Mboro

In its strong desire to gain autonomy, the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) has acquired its first pilot boat. It is a high-speed vessel used to transport a pilot on board a vessel entering or leaving a port.

Dubbed “Kribi Pilots”, the 12-metre boat which can accommodate 6 people was commissioned on 31 October 2018 in Mboro during a ceremony presided over by the General Manager of PAK, Patrice Melom. With the new equipment, port operations will gain in speed and efficiency. “We are very happy. PAK is steadily on the rise.” said the General Manager. For PAK, this is a great stride towards modernization, as it will improve its qualitative and quantitative provision of equipment and, above all, gain its logistics autonomy.

The equipment which is now a property of PAK was built by Nasai Boats International Corporation S.L., a Spanish company. Ana Macias Quesada, Head of Nasai Mission to Kribi said in this regard: “The Port of Kribi trusted us. So, we give it our best.” This is the first result of the collaboration between PAK and Nasai Boat S.L. and there is more to come as the construction of a second pilot boat in underway in the factory of the Spanish partner. It will arrive in Kribi in the forecoming months. “With the second pilot boat, PAK will have enough autonomy”, Patrice Melom confirmed.

As a matter of fact, since the start of operations on 2nd March 2018, PAK was using the pilot boat of the Port of Douala. That is why Patrice Melom seized the opportunity during the ceremony of last Wednesday to commend the cooperation between both ports and express his gratitude to the Port of Douala. “The Port of Douala provides us some great help”, he humbly said. Despite the arrival of the new equipment, the boat of the Port of Douala will still be in service for a month.

When Spanish expertise combines with Cameroon’s port ambitions, the Port of Kribi thrives in a competitive environment.

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