Navigation, security/safety at the Port of Kribi, Bertrand NDI in charge!
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  • Navigation, security/safety at the Port of Kribi, Bertrand NDI in charge!

The new Harbour Master was appointed on 26 December 2019 by a decision of the PAK’s Board of Directors and was commissioned last Monday, 30 December.

2019 ends well for NDI MENDUGENA Bertrand, Master Mariner and now Harbour Master of the Port of Kribi. At 47 years old, this son of the South region of Cameroon, Ocean Division, Kribi 1 Subdivision, was promoted to the prestigious position of Harbour Master by a resolution of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) held on 26 December 2019. Before his appointment, he was Head of the Navigation Directorate at the Harbour Master’s Office that he is topping today.

The new Harbour Master of the Port of Kribi was commissioned last Monday 30 December at Mboro after an administrative handover ceremony led by Modeste AKO’O, Technical Advisor No.1 at PAK.

Bertrand NDI MENDUNGENA takes the place of the legendary Charles René KONTELIZO, stationed in Kribi since January 2017, after an impressive career at the Port of Douala and in several other ports.  A keen navigational enthusiast, Commander KONTELIZO is completing a 40-year long career.

As concerns the new Harbour Master, he welcomed his appointment with a lot of pride and gratitude. “My pride comes from the fact that the dedication and commitment put at the service of the Port allows us to create and maintain high standards in all aspects (maintenance of security/safety, operations). And my gratitude goes first and foremost to providence, without which nothing is possible. Then to my hierarchy, first to the General Manager of PAK, then to Commander Charles René KONTELIZO my predecessor, for the high esteem and trust placed me.

I thank PAK’s Board of Directors who endorsed this decision. Finally, I would like to thank all the staff of PAK who welcomed, adopted and supported me whenever necessary”. "All the best to you Commander!

It is worth remembering that the Harbour Master is in charge inter alia, of the flow of maritime traffic; pilotage and the monitoring of towing and mooring activities; the application of the Laws and Regulations of the Operational Police in the Port Area; environmental protection; pollution, fires and calamities control; the control of the movement of people and goods; the management of the Control Tower; and the management of the Port's infrastructure.

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