MULTI-PURPOSE TERMINAL, PAK Signs the First Concession Holder

After three years of efforts, the official signing of the concession contract of PAK’s Multipurpose Terminal took place last Monday at the Head Office of the Port Authority in Kribi.

At the end of an international bidding process that started in 2018 to select a reference operator, the International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICSTI) group, through its local subsidiary Kribi Multipurpose Terminal (KMT), was awarded the operation of the Kribi Multipurpose Terminal. The company will be in charge of the terminal for the next 25 years as part of a Public-Private Partnership with the Government of Cameroon.

The ceremony thereof was presided over by Antoine BISAGA, Divisional Officer of the Ocean Division. Patrice MELOM and Kathy-Laure MAGNE, respectively General Manager of PAK and Managing Director of KMT, signed the contract that henceforth binds both companies, in front of the representatives of public administrations and private operators working in the Port of Kribi. By taking over the management of this terminal, the new concession will have as its main mission to develop the attractiveness of Mboro's infrastructure. This was underscored by videoconference by Jean-Paul SIMO NJONOU, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and M. MATSEN, Chairman of KMT Executive Committee. The concession, the first of the kind on the terminal, marks a new era in the development of the Port of Kribi with an emphasis laid on optimizing the operationality of the production tool and maintaining the attractiveness of the Port of Kribi to become a regional hub in the Gulf of Guinea.

KMT should equally be able to handle a wide range of logistics activities and to tailor the offer of port services to the trends in the user sectors. Ranked as the 8th eighth largest container terminal operator in the world, ICSTI, the parent company, operates in Asia, the Pacific, the Americas, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Its activities cover 29 maritime terminals in 18 countries on 5 continents. It is worth mentioning that since 2018, the Multi-purpose Terminal was being developed, operated and maintained by Kribi Port Multiple Operators (KPMO), pending the selection of a concession holder. The group was appointed by the Port Authority under indirect management for a 2-year transitional period ending in 2020.

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