PAK Orientation Advisory Committee, the First Referrals are Under Scrutiny
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An ad hoc committee of the advisory body, in charge specifically of analysing referrals, met on 12 August in Kribi. The opinions formulated will be validated in plenary session before being notified to PAK’s General Management. 

Of the first four cases referred to the ad hoc committee of the PAK Orientation Advisory Committee (CCO-PAK) for consideration, only one was rejected, while the other three were approved by consensus. This is the major point to remember from the first session of the ad hoc committee held on 12 August at PAK Head Office in Kribi to examine referrals. Although opened by Alain Blaise BATONGUE, Chairman of the CCO-PAK, the work of the ad hoc committee was presided over by Charles Melchior MOUDOUTHE, member of the CCO-PAK.

The President nevertheless urged the members of the ad hoc committee to «favour consensus and the interests of PAK in particular and of the Port of Kribi in general». Steve ABANDA, representing Smit-Lamnalco, the towing and mooring operator, was the first to cross swords with the ad hoc committee. His company requested a review of fuel charges on their concession operations. In his opinion, the request is justified by taxes (18 in total) which are not included in the price in the concession agreement with PAK. After examination, the CCO-PAK working group concluded that the surcharge pointed out by the operator is the result of a change in internal factors and not the variation in fuel costs.

The ad hoc committee unanimously accepted the request and suggested that the operator prepare an analysis of its charging structure, which will be submitted to the National Port Authority (NPA) for review. The floor was then given to Michaël MAMA, PAK Operations Manager, to present the three following requests as they all come from PAK. These focusses respectively on the need to adjust the tariff charged by PAK, which includes a volumetric reference, the issue of scanning goods in transit, and the invoicing of temporary occupancy permits (AOT). The CCO-PAK’s representatives discharged the first two requests. As concerns the last one, PAK has been invited to open a dialogue with the farmees in order to gather the expectations and constraints of everyone involved.

Alain Blaise BATONGUE concluded the session with a sense of accomplishment of duty. The Chairman of the CCO-PAK stressed the historic nature of this ad hoc session, which was held to examine the first referrals. The first opinions thus formulated will shortly be presented to the plenary for validation. This is a key stage, which precedes the official notification to PAK General Management. Alain Blaise BATONGUE then instructed the members of the ad hoc committee to prepare the final documents to be submitted for validation as quickly as possible.

Alain Blaise BATONGUE President of the Advisory and Orientation Committee (CCO) of PAK.


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