Operational and digital management, PAK launches the PIS

The Port Information System (PIS) is a software solution designed by the Port Authority of Kribi (PAK) and whose implementation starts in January 2020. For more information on the new system, we went to the Information Systems and Documentation Department of  PAK.

  • What is PIS?

 The Port Information System (PIS) is a platform set up for the automated management of operations on the Port of Kribi. The PIS is at the heart of operations and provides information to the Kribi port community (consignees, shipping agents, stevedores, concession holders, Customs, GUCE, etc.).) in order to ensure the smooth and secure conduct of operations as well as high performance in terms of availability, safety, fluidity, reliability of port operations and security of customs revenues through its interfaces with the new customs system CAMCIS and those of partners such as OSCAR for KCT, eGUCE, Scanner for TRANSATLANTIC, etc..

  • What is its scope of application?


Its scope of application covers, inter alia:


  • Management of ships and ship calls (management of the ship database, scheduling of calls, management of services to vessels, port conferences, management of vessel operations); 
  • Management of the Harbour Master's Office information (tide predictions, weather data, port situation);
  • Goods management and monitoring (import, export, transhipment);
  • Management of security monitoring and access to the port;
  • Management of statistics (operating statistics, operational statistics, performance indicators) and processing of invoicing data.

The PIS also integrates interfaces for electronic data exchange with internal PAK systems (ERP, AIS, SIG).

  • Who is concerned by the PIS?


As an innovative approach, the PIS concerns all PAK staff. However, the main internal end-users will be the staff of the operational structures, namely the Harbour Master's Office, the Operations Department and some services of the Technical Department and the Land Planning and Development Department. The PAK top management will also use the system for statistics and decision-making dashboards.



  • Will the use of the PIS require a training?


The PAK PIS Development Project is underway. After finalization of the interfaces, the system will be tested and put into production (in January 2020), prior to a user training phase.

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