Operation and development of the Multipurpose Terminal of the Port Of Kribi, KMT Has Taken Over
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  • Operation and development of the Multipurpose Terminal of the Port Of Kribi, KMT Has Taken Over

Kribi Multipurpose Terminal (KMT) became operational last Thursday 1st October 2020. A week of operation and already two calls handled.

The Multipurpose Terminal of the Kribi deep-sea port is being managed and operated by Kribi Multipurpose Terminal (KMT), since last 1st October 2020. This historic date is also engraved in a public notice signed by Mrs. Kathy MAGNE ESSIMI, Managing Director of KMT, a local subsidiary of the Filipino giant International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI). It must be said that between the signing of the contract and the beginning of operations, the teams of PAK and KMT worked almost every single day to meet with technical administrations, park operators, consignees and the Container Terminal operator. So many tuning operations have been initiated and a motivated and enthusiastic team, under new colours, has taken charge of the operations. According to Habib IYA, Head of the Sales and Marketing Directorate, this bodes stability to the great delight of economic operators. In addition, “one must commend how fast KMT became operational, taking over the invoicing and documentation missions that were still carried out by the port authority during the management contract period, in addition to subcontracting handling activities per se”, he underscores. So, at the end of a 2-year management contract for PAK, Kribi Port Multiples Operators (KPMO) eventually and definitely handed over the baton to KMT, the first concession holder of the Multipurpose Terminal. It is worth noting that ICTSI, KMT’s mother company, was the successful bidder of an “international call for tenders that was long and very rigorous” as Patrice MELOM, PAK General Manager and owner of the terminal, likes to say it. In this regard, he explains that “It is through a particularly convincing and sustainable operating offer, both in terms of investments and traffic diversification prospects, that this internationally renowned operator has made the difference”. For instance:

On the company’s funding plan

ICTSI presents a realistic scheme for the first years, through the mobilisation of equity capital and a shareholder loan for start-up investments. Thereafter, ICTSI’s model shows an average net profit after tax of €13 million and cash flows to cover fees, operating expenses and planned investments throughout the concession period.

On traffic objectives

The suggested traffic typology is considered to be both coherent with the existing situation and in line with the development potential and objectives of the Port of Kribi. Thus, in addition to timber, that is already transiting through the Port of Kribi, ICTSI aims to attract a wide variety of cargo, including Clinker, RO-RO and construction materials.

On investment volume

The concession holder is committed to carrying out an investment programme, specific to the traffic forecasts announced and consistent with the proposed operating plan. This is reflected, among other things, in the projected increase in storage capacity with the construction of two additional warehouses and the acquisition of carriers and silos in order to boost the range of goods services offered.

On human resources

The concession holder of the Multipurpose Terminal commits to ensure that the proportion of nationals in the workforce reaches 95%. The remuneration of this local staff seemed satisfactory considering the market conditions. ICTSI has therefore planned to acquire and set up a simulator to train crane drivers locally.

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